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Why Auction With Us?

One of the benefits of selling a property or asset on auction with us, whether you are a private seller or you are a company, is enjoyment of our secure implemented auctioneering and transactional advisory solutions and quick turnaround time with desired results. We set dates and timelines from inception – in other words, you have a fixed date for the auction, and buyers and sellers know that this is the date for decision making. Additionally, a seller does not have to sacrifice a portion of the proceeds to pay sales commission, unless in the case of private treaty mandates, as our auctioneers fee is an additional charge payable by the highest bidder, unlike in agency mandates. Our auctioneers advertise auctions extensively through multiple media, such as print and online platforms and have access to buyers’ databases throughout our business network. This ensures that the auction attracts as wide an audience as possible with the optimal price being achieved.

Before the auction, a seller would sign and issue a written sole mandate to Belshane Auctions, governing the required service and providing for the agreed condition of auction sale, including reserve price, and terms and conditions of the auction transaction which are mutually agreed between the seller and the auctioneer. This protects the interest of both the seller and the auctioneer and ensures that the seller receives excellent service. In the event that the reserve price is not met at the time and date of the auction, the auctioneer at its absolute sole discretion, may re-auction the property, or conclude the auction at the closest bid, but the seller has the ultimate confirmation and approval of the bid price and the auction transaction in any event.




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ABOUT US Belshane Auctions (a division of Belshane Property Group) is the pre-imminent auction power house. Since 2004, we have been characterised and propelled by our in-depth and intimate knowledge, skills, competence and proven track record in auctioneering, transactional advisory, legal, risk and compliance. Over the years, our professional offerings have been enabled by our implemented web based integrated power auction and transactional platform providing a discreet and secured transactional environment. We consistently continue to provide implemented independent professional exclusive private auction and transactional platform with built-in confidentiality and security for customers namely bidders, sellers, and buyers in any event. Our on-line integrated auction bidding platform is managed by Guruweb, and allowing our valued customers to list their properties and bid discretely, real time, during exclusive private auctions in a secured environment. Similarly, our power auction platform provides sellers with utmost confidentiality and peace of mind during private treaty and public auctions.

For a period over 13 years, we have handled large scale auctions and transactions including all types of real estate property portfolios, fixed assets (including furniture, office equipment household effects), plant and machinery for estate management, wealth management, asset management bank repossessions, liquidations, sequestrations and sale in executions for major clients including banks, financial institutions, asset managers, attorneys, private companies, and parastatals as well as in the public and private sectors in Botswana, South Africa and the rest of SADC region.

Most importantly, we are wholly owned and prudently managed by qualified indigenous Batswana citizens with extensive practical experience in implemented auctioneering, transactional advisory, asset marketing, fixed asset management, legal, risk management, due diligence, audit, valuations, deal origination, structuring and execution in the best interest of clients in the true sense of the word.

Our business and operations are governed by international professional ethics and guidelines and laws of Botswana including Financial Intelligence Agency Act 2009, Banking (Anti Money Laundering) Regulations 2003, Proceeds of Serious Crime Act 2003, Real Estate Professional Act 2003 as well as our own internal Anti Money Laundering Policy.

Our Services

  • Exclusive Private Auctions
  • Private Treaty Sales
  • Transactional Advisory
  • Asset Marketing


  • Debswana Diamond Company (Jwaneng Mine) property portfolio
  • Barclays Bank property portfolio
  • AON Botswana property portfolio
  • Botswana Development Corporation property portfolio

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